Canadian Flexible T.M. Inc. has been serving the logistic chain for over 35 years by manufacturing mechanical clamps, head clamps and spreader bar frames as well as lifting gear.

We are also a leading supplier of used and refurbished attachments, with the most thorough refurbishing process there is on the market. Whether you want your existing attachments refurbished or you want to purchase one of our refurbished units, you will benefit from our unequalled warranty: 6 months with unlimited hours of operation, covering parts and labour.

In collaboration with our customers, we have developed the most reliable rubber re-vulcanizing process for any type of pads (roll, carton, multi-clamp, lifting gear and head clamps). Our rubber sticks and lasts! All re-vulcanized plates also come with our 6 months warranty, as do any attachments or components that leave our premises.

We have the expertise. We are not shipping attachments, components or contact pads to sub-contractors, or other branches inside or outside the country, the province or even town to get the work done. We perform and supervise all steps of the repairs, refurbishments and re-vulcanizing and we invite our customers to visit us at anytime to follow the progress of the refurbishing of their attachments. You will never have to pay any additional out of town freight or suffer from extended lead times because the work is done elsewhere. In fact, we offer very competitive prices and we deliver 2 to 3 times faster than any of the competition on the market.

All highly specialized technicians hired by Canadian Flexible T.M. Inc. have the necessary experience and qualifications to refurbish, modify and repair all brands and models of attachments. Our reputation is firmly established and we will be happy to provide you with a list of contacts upon request.

Our vast expertise also allows us to better understand your needs and requests. By continuous research for new developments, we can fulfill your needs by adapting our and your attachments to your most specific standards to make it THE EQUIPMENT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

Custom orders are not only accepted, they are our specialty!